On Sarah Palin

The political media has been abuzz over Sarah Palin’s resignation for the past several weeks, partly because there hasn’t been any other political news of real interest and partly because Sarah Palin has always been a lightning-rod of curiousity. Remember, more people watched the vice-presidential debates than the presidential debates themselves. And that was not because of Joe Biden.

I recently had the opportunity of watching one of her post-resignation interviews. A lot of commentators have made their opinion that her statements so far have seemed… the best description is stupid. There’s also been a fair share of speculation that Palin is somehow preparing for a presidential run through her resignation.

Before viewing the interview, my take was that both these views were wrong-headed. I thought that Sarah Palin wasn’t stupid; rather, she just wanted to get out of politics altogether (I wouldn’t blame her) and that her interview would reflect that appropriately.

Now, however, I’m not so sure anymore. There were a lot of words that came out of Palin’s mouth, but there wasn’t any real substance behind them. It seemed as if she was trying to say “change” and “hard-working” and “America” as many times as possible for no apparent reason. For example, Palin would often state that her resignation was helping Alaska or something to that effect – but she never elaborated why resigning would help Alaska. A kinder person would call that “spouting the bs.” A less kind person would simply say she’s incoherent.

Finally, Palin seemed incredibly, incredibly nervous while answering reporters’ questions. Perhaps the Katie Couric interview is still haunting her. Perhaps nerves cause her to simply freeze up in front of cameras. Whatever the cause, Sarah Palin still hasn’t adjusted to the national spotlight. That’s a very significant failure after half a year on the national stage. Perhaps resigning was a good idea after all.

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