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What Party Would George Washington Support?

Imagining what the Founding Fathers would think about our nation today always constitutes an interesting exercise. America’s strength and enduring democracy probably would have delighted many of them. On the other hand, its political parties and many foreign alliances might … Continue reading

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An Interesting Media Convention

Here is one of Rush Limbaugh’s critiques of Barack Obama: We have 9.8% unemployment.  Administration officials say three to four months more of this, maybe, and then we’re gonna start seeing jobs added.  I thought Obama had saved 23 million … Continue reading

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Humorous Reactions to The Nobel Peace Prize

Most pundits have thoroughly analyzed Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize; I have no more to add into the subject. The predictable reactions from both parties, however, were most humorous. Michael Steele immediately shot out a press release criticizing Obama: The real … Continue reading

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Analyzing Swing States: Pennsylvania, Part 1

This is the first part of a series of posts analyzing the swing state Pennsylvania. The second part can be found here. In the dying days of his campaign John McCain mounted a quixotic attempt to win Pennsylvania. Despite his … Continue reading

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to President Barack Obama on winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

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