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Humorous Reactions to The Nobel Peace Prize

Most pundits have thoroughly analyzed Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize; I have no more to add into the subject. The predictable reactions from both parties, however, were most humorous. Michael Steele immediately shot out a press release criticizing Obama: The real … Continue reading

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Analyzing Swing States: Pennsylvania, Part 1

This is the first part of a series of posts analyzing the swing state Pennsylvania. The second part can be found here. In the dying days of his campaign John McCain mounted a quixotic attempt to win Pennsylvania. Despite his … Continue reading

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to President Barack Obama on winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

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How Do China and Russia Think of Iran?

The United States media often – and for good reason – portrays China and Russia as reluctant to implement sanctions on Iran. Rarely (too rarely), however, does it attempt to view the issue through a Chinese or Russian lens. Americans … Continue reading

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South Dakota and the Native American Vote

A while ago I was perusing the election results, when I happened upon South Dakota. South Dakota is one of those conservative Plains states which everybody writes off as inevitably Republican. Yet nobody has a really good explanation for why … Continue reading

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