The Worst Kinds of Racism

There’s a common myth out there that racism is something confined to the South, as if the only racists out there live in Mississippi.

That is absolutely false. Racism is everywhere, in the most unexpected places. The worst types of racism, in fact, are perpetrated outside the South.

Racism exists in the highest places of our government and our businesses. It exists in our government, when out of 100 U.S. Senators, 96 are white and 83 are men. It exists when the white male boss decides to promote the white male instead of the better-skilled Latino woman, and when his white male boss promotes him instead of the more hard-working black co-worker – until 97.2% of the 500 Fortune CEOs are white and the first black woman became a Fortune 500 CEO just this year!

Racism exists in the hallowed halls of Harvard and Yale, when admissions officers reject Mr. Chen in favor of Mr. Smith, because Jews Asians are too smart and the white male admissions director has to make sure there that Harvard College has no more than 20% of Jews Asians (unless you’re Princeton and you’re sued, in which case the percent of Asians magically goes up from 14% to 20.9%).

Racism and sexism exists on the liberal The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, when out of a panel of ten writers, nine are white and every single one is male. And that’s not even taking into account shows like “Late Show,” “Jay Leno” and “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” – which altogether have zero female writers!

Racism exists when one looks at the inner cities of America and the suburbs surrounding them and finds one all black or Latino and the other all white, because of white flight catalyzed by racism. That’s why poor inner-city Philadelphia County is 47.5% black, while rich suburban Bucks County is 91.5% white. It was rich white suburban Montegomery County, not Alabama, after all, where a private pool club kicked out a class of poor black kids.

Racism exists when one looks to those inner-city schools and finds them full of poor Latinos and blacks, when there does exist a substantial population of rich whites. But, of course, the white kids all go to private schools like Dalton; their parents don’t want them hanging around people who are different. George Wallace, however wrong he was on everything else, got this right:

…the executives of the mills, the big shots of the mills, they get into air-conditioned Cadillacs and their chauffeurs drive on back up to Mountain Brook where the average home is worth about $300,000 a piece…And you know what they say? ‘Oh, we’ve got to be progressive, we’ve got to have some of this integration, says, it’s good.’ You know, to bus your children from here to there to kingdom come and back again and guess where their children go to school? To all-white private schools up in Mountain Brook.

This doesn’t just happen in dangerous, poor inner-city communities. Today, whites are fleeing some of the safest, richest communities in the country – places, in fact, with some of the best school districts in the entire nation – because their next door neighbor is Asian, not white. There is no legitimate explanation other than race for why somebody would want to move out of these communities.

It reminds me of something Malcolm X once said:

I prefer the candor of the Southern segregationist to the hypocrisy of the Northern integrationist.

Amen to that. At least in the South, they’re honest racists. In the North, they boast about how they voted for Obama and then go back to living in their rich white suburb; working at their well-paid, prestigious, white-male-only job; and sending their kids to 38K Phillips Exeter.

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5 Responses to The Worst Kinds of Racism

  1. dienefer says:

    eu nao racista em quem e pare de ser pois e muito feio ser asim beleza fuiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. Not Important says:

    I hope you understand that while this article is supposed to disscuss the worst kinds of racism it fails. This article is much too jumpy, with no sources to back up any statments. And this article is supposed to be about racism when around 50% of it is about SEXISM.

    • inoljt says:

      Thanks for reading; I definitely appreciate the response and love hearing criticism (although I’ll respectfully disagree with both your points).

      Feel free to comment more and read more around here – it’s always fun to have more readers.

  3. inoljt says:

    Thanks for commentating!

    As for racism – I think it’s a fair problem, especially the most subtle types, though in many ways the U.S. does far better than other countries (e.g. France, Japan).

    Meh…sometimes my posts turn out more passionate than my actual opinions are; this might have been an example of that.

  4. Ida says:

    Thank you for this blog. I give up. We are such a racist nation….our youth is our only hope.

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