A Final Thought on Massachusetts

With results just about to come in, I’m going to offer one final thought.

This is purely off my gut, but I think that Martha Coakley will overperform what the polls indicate. A striking number of similarities appear between this race and the New Hampshire primary, when almost every poll overstated Obama’s support due to the Shy Tory Factor. It seems that if there’s any state where there’s a Shy “Democrat” Factor at play, it would be Massachusetts.

I’ve also been looking at polls on websites indicating who they believe will win, and it seems that despite what the polls say, people still think Mrs. Coakley will pull it off. They just don’t see Massachusetts going Republican.

Who knows, this is just a guess based completely off my gut (and we all know how many times George Bush’s gut turned out right). I may be completely wrong, but we’ll see in a few hours.

UPDATE: O.k. – I was wrong.

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1 Response to A Final Thought on Massachusetts

  1. peakers82 says:

    You know what sucks about political commentary. You’re often wrong. I wrote a lengthy article on why Obama was wrong to promise to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” mostly saying the House wouldn’t before the election because a number of moderate Democrats would be to scared. Not even one week later it passed easily. But, hell, we do what we can.

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