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The Madness of Apartheid

In South Africa, East Asians are both white and black at the same time. Here is how this happened: For many years South Africa’s white minority governed the country through a policy of apartheid – racial segregation and discrimination intended … Continue reading

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Interesting Voting Patterns

It’s widely known that the Democratic Party rests upon a voting base of minorities – those who don’t completely fit within the American mainstream. After the Civil War, the states in the former Confederacy voted Democratic. When Catholics were discriminated … Continue reading

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Why Do Conservatives Push Climategate?

On any given day, if one is browsing through the current discussion on global warming, the topic of “Climategate” will often come up. Climategate alleges that climate scientists exaggerated the data to support global warming as part of their hidden … Continue reading

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Polarization: Past and Present

A number of commentators have lamented increasing polarization in Washington. Conventional wisdom has it that America is as divided and partisan as it ever has been. Sectional divisions are tearing this country apart and preventing problems such as the deficit … Continue reading

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Terrible News for Democrats

Democrats ought to be quite worried about recent events, which will greatly help Republican efforts to retake the Senate. They forebode something quite ominous for the November 2010 mid-term elections. I am talking, of course, of the February 5th unemployment … Continue reading

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Previewing Senate Elections: New York

This is the second part of a series of posts analyzing competitive Senate elections in blue states. The third part, which analyzes California, can be found here. New York Out of the three heavily Democratic states being analyzed, Republicans probably … Continue reading

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When Democrats Used to be the Daddy Party

In today’s political world, Democrats and Republicans often come with labels preattached. Republicans constitute the “Daddy Party”: they are hawkish on foreign affairs and are perceived as stronger with issues such as national security. Democrats, on the other hand, constitute … Continue reading

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