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An Era of Republican Presidential Dominance?

It’s been somewhat fashionable amongst the Washington beltway to classify the past few decades as an era dominated by the Republican Party, at least on the presidential level. According to this view, Republican presidential dominance started under President Ronald Reagan, … Continue reading

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Watching Young Obama

Out of the many politicians in America’s democracy, President Barack Obama is unique in several ways. For one, the books authored under his name are actually written, beginning to end, by himself. In Washington politicians author many books, but very … Continue reading

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Analyzing Swing States: Virginia, Part 5

This is the fifth part of a series of posts analyzing the swing state Virginia. It focuses on the traditional Democratic base and its decline. The last part can be found here. In the days of the Solid South, Democrats … Continue reading

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The Night Health Care Passed: Strange Happenings at Fox and MSNBC

Yesterday evening, as a long-debated health care bill passed through Congress, something quite strange was happening on the websites of two eminent news organizations. Here was Fox News, Sunday night (click on the image for a better look): Fox News, … Continue reading

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Helping Iceland

Iceland is a small country in big trouble. During the heady times of economic growth, its banks expanded operations far beyond what the country could possibly support. When the global financial crisis came, all three collapsed. Millions of depositors in … Continue reading

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