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How I Became a Democrat

It’s been more than a year since the 2008 presidential election, when Illinois Senator Barack Obama and Arizona Senator John McCain engaged in that great, quadrennial contest for votes. Initially, this poster was not quite sure who to support. Mr. … Continue reading

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Maps of Pennsylvania Elections

A few maps of Pennsylvania’s presidential elections are posted below, for your enjoyment. Each map comes with some brief analysis. Note how in each succeeding election, Democratic margins in the Philadelphia metropolis increase, while their margins in the Pittsburgh corridor … Continue reading

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A Close Call With Education Reform

Several months ago I wrote about the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, a bill which aims to make college more affordable. The bill does this through several mechanisms. Firstly, it expands federal Pell Grants, which are government grants to … Continue reading

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How Political Scandals Can Distort Reality

In a heated campaign, political scandals can make or break a candidacy. They often cast a shade of suspicion upon a candidate’s activities, with the connotation of wrongdoing or the unethical. Often implicit is the assumption that if only said … Continue reading

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China’s Coming Problem

Many intellectuals like to speculate that China will eventually surpass the United States, perhaps before the end of this century. This argument has almost become conventional wisdom – although twenty years ago they were saying the same thing about Japan … Continue reading

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