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Comparing Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Mike Dukakis

In the aftermath of the 2008 presidential election, the New York Times famously posted a map depicting county-by-county changes from the 2004 election. A different version of this map is below: What is remarkable about this map is the evenness … Continue reading

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Stop Playing Politics With Financial Reform

Finance is a confusing subject. Even its simplest tenets – the concept of “shorting,” for instance – are beyond the comprehension of many Americans (including this individual). Finance is also a rather important confusing subject. It constitutes the gears which … Continue reading

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Maps of Virginia Elections

To follow up the series on Virginia, I’ve posted a few recent presidential elections in the state (courtesy of the New York Times). Each map comes with some brief analysis. Capitalizing on a decade of Democratic movement, Senator Barack Obama … Continue reading

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The Republican Machine Vs. The Coakley Campaign

It’s been a fairly long time since Attorney General Martha Coakley famously lost Massachusetts to State Senator Scott Brown. A look back at the race gives an insightful view into the Republican machine, and how Republicans are often quite effective … Continue reading

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Three Cheers for Artur Davis!

Artur Davis is an ambitious man. A Harvard graduate and Democratic congressman from Alabama’s 7th congressional district, Mr. Davis is busy planning an audacious run for governor in one of America’s reddest states. Moreover, Mr. Davis is doing all this … Continue reading

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