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Three Suggestions For the Republican Party’s 2012 Candidate

The time has come for many in the Republican Party to begin seriously considering the 2012 presidential election. By this time last year, President Barack Obama had just announced his candidacy. Soon the shadow campaign will begin in earnest, and then the real campaign several months after that, just before the Iowa primary. Continue reading

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Growing Republican Strength Along the Rio Grande?

The state of Texas is one of the Republican Party’s most valuable strongholds. It adds a good 38 electoral votes to the Republican candidate’s electoral vote; Democrats have not been competitive in the state for at least a decade. One of the only Democratic regions in Texas lies along the Rio Grande. Continue reading

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The Great Twitter/Facebook Revolution Fallacy

In the context of the events occurring in the Middle East, the Western media loves to argue that Twitter and Facebook constitute catalysts for revolution in the modern era. Continue reading

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Yemen Next?

This week’s coverage of the news has been dominated by events in Egypt, where protesters continue to demand the end of President Hosni Mubarak’s autocratic government. Events in the country (and in Tunisia as well) continue to unravel in a … Continue reading

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