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Part 1: What If Canada Was Part of the United States?

This is the first part of two posts exploring the political consequences that would happen if Canada became part of the United States. Continue reading

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Can a Republican Nobody Win the Nomination?

The last time the Republican frontrunner lost was in 1964, when Senator Barry Goldwater won the nomination (probably not the most inspiring model). Perhaps there is something in the nature of conservatism that is less attracted to exciting, new candidates of change. At the moment, however, the chances that an unknown Republican will win the nomination better than they have been since – well – 1964. Continue reading

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A Reflection On Media Coverage Of Japan

Coverage of Japan has been generally quite positive. Indeed, sometimes the tone of media coverage has verged upon awe. If a nation with as much technological prowess as Japan was so badly damaged by the tsunami, a reporter might write, what would a similar event do to the United States? The implication is that Japan’s technology is just plain better than America’s. Continue reading

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The Myth of a Multiracial American Utopia

The hope is that, as the number of multiracial Americans increases, there will eventually come a time when race does not matter. Everybody will eventually be multiracial, so nobody will think of race anymore. It is an admirable dream. Unfortunately, the dream of a multiracial society in which racism ceases to exist will probably remain just that – a dream. Continue reading

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Mexican Immigrants and the 2012 Mexican Presidential Election

Like the United States, Mexico will have a presidential election in 2012. There are a lot of Mexican citizens in the United States (whether documented or undocumented). What if they voted? Continue reading

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