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Packing Hispanics

This is the second part in a series of posts examining how to create super-packed congressional districts of one race. Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Fundamental Problem

Mitt Romney has a big problem. It’s not “Romneycare.” It’s not his Mormonism. It’s not his shifting positions on social issues, such as abortion. All the above are merely symptoms of Mr. Romney’s big problem. Mr. Romney, simply put, is … Continue reading

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What Elections Would Look Like in a Mexico-United States Union

Elections would come to resemble those which happen in Mississippi today: everybody from Mexico would vote one way, everybody from the United States would vote another. Continue reading

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What If Mexico Was Part of the United States?

The previous two posts in this serious dealt with what would happen if Canada’s electoral votes were added to the United States. This post will examine what would happen if the same occurred with Mexico. A note to all Mexican … Continue reading

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More on Fidel Castro’s Blog

Mr. Castro still maintains a blog (older articles can be accessed here), in which he writes about the latest happenings in this world. It makes for fascinating reading. Continue reading

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