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Why Donald Trump Is A Joke Candidate

Donald Trump, a businessman perhaps most famous for being rich, has recently rocked the Republican field. His attacks on President Barack Obama have made news in a quiet news cycle. Polls, surprisingly, show Mr. Trump shooting up to second or first place amongst Republican voters. Continue reading

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Analyzing the 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

On April 5th, 2011 Wisconsin held an election to choose a Supreme Court nominee. The supposedly non-partisan election turned into a referendum on Republican Governor Scott Walker’s controversial policies against unions. Continue reading

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What Comes After the Bailout of Portugal

With the bailout of Portugal, all eyes are looking towards Spain. This is the market’s next target. A bailout of Spain would be a magnitude more difficult than the previous bailouts. Its economy is far bigger; more than a trillion dollars in GDP and four to five times bigger than Greece. It has a population of 46 million, several times that of Greece.

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A Russian Perspective on the Russian-Georgian War

This article, by Mikhail Barabanov of the Moscow Defense Brief, provides a fascinatingly perspective. It is from the Russian point-of-view, specifically a military one. Continue reading

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Part 2: What If Canada Was Part of the United States?

This is the second (more serious) part of two posts exploring the political consequences that would happen if Canada became part of the United States. Continue reading

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Why It’s Strange That Everybody in the United States Speaks English

Imagine you’re a tourist planning on visiting India. Determined not to be seen as culturally ignorant, you’ve decided to learn Hindi, the official language. As the plane lands in Bangalore, you are confident that you can speak in the native … Continue reading

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