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The Fall and Rise of Southern Presidents: How the Civil War Broke The South

Out of all the regions in the United States, the South probably has the most unique and interesting history. Looking at the geographic origins of each president provides a fascinating proxy of Southern influence in America. To do this, I have compiled a table which lists whether each president had Southern origins or not. Continue reading

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Why Don’t Chinese-Americans Vote Republican?

There are a lot of Chinese-Americans in the United States. Many of them constitute immigrants who suffered tremendously under communism, through the Great Leap Forward and then the Cultural Revolution.

Yet Chinese-Americans are also a highly, highly Democratic constituency. Continue reading

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Regulating For-Profit Colleges: A Much-Needed Reform

Recently the Department of Education unveiled new regulations for colleges. These regulations are aimed at for-profit colleges such as Kaplan University and the University of Phoenix, although they apply to all forms of higher education in general.

The rules stop federal funding for programs whose graduating students consistently default on their student debt. Continue reading

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Packing Asians

This is the third part in a series of posts examining how to create super-packed districts of one race. Continue reading

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The Curious Story of How Daniel Boman Switched Parties

In this state of affairs, something quite remarkable happened: a Republican politician, State Representative Daniel Boman, switched to the Democratic Party. Continue reading

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