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Why Do So Few Americans Immigrate to Australia?

In the minds of most Americans, Australia is a great place. The land down under has beautiful weather, a booming economy, and sights ranging from the Great Barrier Reef to kangaroos. What’s more, the culture and the language of Australia are as similar to the United States as any other country in the world, with the exception of perhaps Canada. What’s not to like about living in a country where everybody has cool accents?

Why, then, do so few Americans bother to immigrate to Australia? Continue reading

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“They Vote Against Their Own Self-Interest”

There’s a common refrain among both parties of the American political system. Members of Group X always vote for the opposing party. But it doesn’t make sense for Group X to be so antagonistic against us. Our party’s policies are actually much more in line with what members of Group X believe. They’re voting against their own self-interest. If only members of Group X woke up and saw the light, they’d be voting for our party all the time. Continue reading

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Why Republicans Aren’t Serious About Reducing the Deficit

Republicans talk a good game about why the United States must reduce its debt. Continue reading

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The Success of Proposition 25 in California

Until 2011, California’s budget process followed a very unfortunate pattern. Continue reading

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A Surprising Difference Between Rick Perry and George W. Bush

Mr. Perry’s quick rise has invited comparisons to former President George W. Bush. Both, after all, are Republican governors of the state of Texas. Both speak with the same Texas drawl. Democrats will be quick to embellish these similarities, attacking Mr. Perry as another term of the unpopular Mr. Bush. Continue reading

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Why Mitt Romney Shouldn’t Ignore Iowa

Former Massachusetts governor and Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney has embarked upon an utterly stupid political strategy: ignore Iowa, the first voting state in the 2012 Republican primary. Continue reading

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Misunderstanding the “Osama” Bounce

The conventional wisdom is that Mr. Obama enjoyed a brief “Osama bounce” in polling. Now, with yet more bad economic news, Mr. Obama’s Osama bounce has faded. This is a complete misunderstanding of what the killing of Osama bin Laden actually means for the president. Continue reading

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