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A Potent Illustration of the Problem With Our Country

Enron was one of the biggest scandals to ever hit the business world. The failure of Lehman Brothers directly caused the financial crisis from which the United States is still feeling the effects. One would think that the directors of these failed firms – the worst failures in this decade – would have been punished by the market for their poor oversight. Continue reading

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Why Didn’t We Use the Guillotine to Execute Troy Davis?

The guillotine is one of the most humane, least painful, and quickest ways to execute a person possible. After a mere couple of seconds, a person falls unconscious Continue reading

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A Fascinating Study on Mexican Immigrants Who Can’t Speak Spanish

What happens when Mexican immigrants can’t speak Spanish? Continue reading

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Dmitry Medvedev Doesn’t Look Like Your Typical Russian Leader

Born in 1965, Mr. Medvedev was all of 42 years old when he took power; today he is still a mere 45 years old. By the standards of world leaders, this is amazingly young. Continue reading

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(When) Will Assad Fall? – The Damascus Test

If fifty thousand people gathered in Damascus to march against the government, then Mr. Assad’s rule would be shaken like nothing else. It would be a harbinger of the end.

So far this has not happened – and it may never happen. Continue reading

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