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A Very Interesting Story About Cheap Chinese Goods

We don’t normally think about Chinese goods being cheaper than those from a country poorer than China. And yet it happens. Continue reading

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A Revealing Story About Russia’s Mind-Set

Russia launched a spacecraft to explore Mars, which unfortunately failed. Then Russian officials did something very curious: they blamed the failure on an American weapon. America, in this view, purposely used a weapon to destroy Russia’s probe. Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Fake Love For Michigan

Say somebody is complimenting you. How do you know whether they’re being honest, or whether they’re just saying the same thing that they say to everybody?

Well, one good way is to see how unique the compliment is. Are you the only person who fits the description? Or does everybody else? Continue reading

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Heritage Foundation, Economic Freedom, and Greece

What country cut government spending the most in 2011?

Most people would generally agree that the answer is Greece. Continue reading

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America – A Very Young Country

I recently had the opportunity to talk with a foreigner about American history. He asked how long America had been independent. Continue reading

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