An Interesting Image on Home-School Education

A reader of this blog recently e-mailed me an interesting graphic. It’s a poster advocating home-schooling, and it’s worth taking a look at.

Here’s the graphic:

Homeschool Domination
Created by:

Of course, the graphic was created with the intention of advocacy. So one should take some of its claims with a grain of salt. For instance, I’m personally not convinced that everything it says about the greatness of home-schooling is true. To be fair, I’m not an expert on the subject.

But let’s say that the graphic is true. Why would that be the case? Perhaps home-schooling requires a lot of parental time and effort. Time and effort that many poorer families don’t have. For instance, when both parents hold 8-to-6 jobs doing hard labor there’s not a lot of time for home schooling. And a child of such a family above would reasonably be expected to score lower on test scores.

In any case, it’s still very interesting to consider the subject. Home schooling is a subject this individual has too rarely thought about.

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4 Responses to An Interesting Image on Home-School Education

  1. Hermit says:

    So, should we simply write a check to the homeschool parent? An do away with all the infrastructure and sports. No school buses, etc.

    It would monetized the contribution, compensating the value of the stay at home parent/teacher, and might help the unemployment figures. If the results are as good as advertised, so be it.

    I will miss H.S. football and basketball development programs for the NFL and NBA though.

  2. Ed says:

    You are correct, in that home schooling does take alot of effort and time, so only parents that are already well educated, and at least have enough income to be able to spend lots of time not working can really make it work at this point.

    The interesting question is that, given this, why home schooling is not regarded as high status. One possible answer is that it has become attached in peoples’ mind to the red state/ fundamentalist/ Republican/ populist side of things, which is relatively low status. Or it may be that home schooling might be better for your children than run of the mill schools, but its still better to send your children to an elite school if you can.

    • inoljt says:

      I think that you have a point.

      But it’s also possible that the statistics used in the image are misleading.

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