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Eduardo Saverin and The Social Network

It’s probably fair to say that Saverin’s role would have been dramatically different had The Social Network been released after Facebook’s IPO. The real Saverin sounds kind of like a jerk, rather than an innocent victim. Continue reading

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The Right’s Dominance of France

The right has dominated the left throughout the history of French presidential elections. Continue reading

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A List of Female Dictators

All dictators have been male, without exception. A woman has never ordered the army to crush nascent protests against her authoritarianism. Nor has a woman ever led a coup to overthrow a democratically elected government, replacing its rule by her own. Continue reading

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Why Mohamed Morsi Will Win Egypt’s Presidential Election

Egypt’s presidential election is underway. The election pits Mubarak supporter Ahmed Shafik against the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi. People are voting, and soon Egypt will have a new president.

That president will be Mohamed Morsi. Continue reading

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What Flags Do Russia’s Protesters Use?

Russia has recently had a number of protests against President Vladimir Putin. The protests constitute a challenge of urban Russians against Putin’s rule.

If you’ve ever seen pictures of these protests, one interesting thing stands out. This is the fact that the protesters don’t wave Russia’s national flag. Instead, they always wave different flags: Continue reading

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