A Strange Day to Nominate Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney has just nominated Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his vice presidential candidate.

It’s a strange time to do so, however. In 2008 Senator John McCain nominated Sarah Palin as his candidate just as the Democratic National Convention had finished. It instantly deflated the Obama bounce. That was good timing.

This time, however, almost nobody is paying attention. Romney’s announcement comes right in the middle of the Olympics coverage, which will suck the life out of his media coverage. He ought to have waited until before or after the Olympics.

On Sunday, for instance, the American men’s basketball team will play for the gold medal. The Mexico-Brazil football final was also taking place just as Romney made his press conference (Mexico won). Both events will be heavily followed by different segments of the American population. Those Americans won’t be paying attention to Paul Ryan.

Then there is the selection itself. Paul Ryan is also a somewhat strange choice. His budget plan was quite unpopular as of a year ago. It enabled Democrats last year to win an election in a very Republican district.

Romney now will have the job of convincing Americans to change their minds.

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