Why Are All the Females at Fox News Blonde?

Fox News is the most popular cable news channel in America, and it’s quite unique. Most obviously, there’s Fox’s conservatism. Other differences are more stylistic. A lot of Fox News programs are fairly similar to talk radio, for instance. Indeed, shows such as Hannity actually star on conservative talk radio stations.

Then there are the women on Fox News:

The women on Fox, whether they be anchors or guests, are quite different from the women found on other news channels. They wear a lot more make-up. They are a lot more, shall we say, blonde.

This holds true as well for their behavior, especially when interacting with men at Fox News. There’s a very strange dynamic at work between the men and women of Fox News. The women laugh, giggle, and say silly things. The male host condescends and says that the women are wrong.

It’s all very strange, even weird. Sure, there’s a time and place for things like this to occur, but this is a news channel. Supposedly.

Fox News, of course, is America’s main outlet for conservatism. One hopes that the higher degree of blondeness of women at Fox News has nothing to do with this. Surely conservatives aren’t that superficial, right?

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11 Responses to Why Are All the Females at Fox News Blonde?

  1. Mark says:

    I don’t get FNC anymore on my cable. Much to my delight, I also don’t receive MSNBC with the former likes of Keith Doberman (Clown 1) and presently,(I’m guessing), Rachel Maddow (Clown 2). Perhaps if they would’ve had blonde hair, I might respect them more.

  2. Lee Bane says:

    Sadly, none of them are true blondes. If they wanted real blondes they should have hired them. Their research (focus groups–filled with more men than women) tell them they find blonde’s more attractive. It’s an industry of making people over into what you want them to be.

  3. osama obama says:

    Wow idiot feed here. Fox is great and the liberal ssaoles are morons.. I am sure anyone with a conservative view point would agree. Period

    • Fox Noise Channel is a joke says:

      Spoken like a true right-wing nutjob. Fox is the home of people who choose not to think for themself. Fox is the home of racists, sexists, ignoramuses, retards, & such. One thing I’m wondering….when is “osama obama” gonna be getting his daily troll check from the Koch/Cock Bros.?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I would like to see a woman on Fox who is normal looking. it doesn’t matter if the men are old and ugly

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lets face it they are the worst, most ignorant hateful disrespectful and hypocritical commentators on tv. Thank God I have a choice they prop those women up with their short skirts and high heels. I’m truly embarrassed for them . They must be getting high wages to sell their souls. Along with that idiot Hannity the Limbaugh wanna be, Truly how do people actually believe a word these selfish right wingers blurt out each day. Almost forgot the other old creep O’reilly, I’m somewhat embarrassed to say I’m Irish. He sure is another pompous ass.

  6. Danielle says:

    I whole heartedly agree with commenter, DYNAMOpolitics, “One could argue that it would be superficial to relate a woman’s intelligence or potential to the color of her hair, right?”

    The whole article is about FOX not being able to move out of its old school thinking and give women power, but since when has it been okay to assume that blonde women have less intelligence than women of other hair colors? Even the title of this article makes me angry.

    I understand FOX is dumb and people bash them all the time, but this article is using another stereotype to prove that FOX’s stereotype of women is wrong. There is no way this can be considered as smart, forward thinking when the author of this article is holding on to past stereotypes, that might not be as harsh as women being submissive to men, but still pretty ignorant. I am a smart, blonde woman and I like to think that I don’t “…laugh, giggle, and say silly things.” or “…wear a lot more make-up.”

    And no, I don’t think you should say: “They are a lot more, shall we say, blonde.”

    • METS62FAN says:

      Danielle, much more importantly you might wonder why is it the most Progressive politicos are the ones that are defining people by their superficiality as in, the BLACK President” the GAY athlere , the BLONDE news personality, etc, etc.
      I concider myself a traditiuonalist whio resents this forcing of perspectives down my throat despite my never having an agenda either way, despite my tradituional views on Marriage as an institution. I have long held that Government instituted partnerships should be excluded from a more religous oriented term like Marriage. That all Gov’t condoned pairings should be considered Partnerships be they hetero or homo sexual in nature. IMO, the term MARRIAGE should be purly reservred for those pairings condoned by an authorized, like minded Group, IE Religion.
      I for one, do NOT believe in this current Administration, because it is to my way of thinking, a rehashing of failed Principles espoused by Clinton, Carter & Wilson. None of whom were racially out of a preset racial context. As such, I can hionestly state without reservation I have never used or thought in terms of having a BLACK PRESIDENT. merely IMO, a wrong choice as President.

  7. One could argue that it would be superficial to relate a woman’s intelligence or potential to the color of her hair, right?

  8. Brett Heffner says:

    Surely conservatives aren’t that superficial, right?
    Probably not conservatives in general, but yes when it comes to Fox. It signifies who they want in power. Fox is the mouthpiece for Americans who dont want to move into the 21st century. 20th Century Fox, the future is not yours!

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