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Mitt Romney: Bad For At Least One Business (Bain & Company)

It’s quite strange to see Bain as just another company trying to recruit college graduates. We’ve all been so accustomed to seeing Bain linked with Mitt Romney that it’s very weird to talk about it without mentioning the Republican presidential nominee. Continue reading

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Vote No on Proposition 31: Changes to State Budgeting

This is the second part of a series of posts analyzing California’s propositions: Vote Yes on Proposition 30 – Jerry Brown’s Budget Plan Vote No on Proposition 31 – Changes to State Budgeting Vote No on Proposition 32 – Union-busting … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan’s Cuts to Student Aid

One of the almost unnoticed aspects of Ryan’s budget is what it would do to federal student aid. This New Republic article, which has also gone almost unnoticed, goes into it.

According to Perry Stein, Ryan would substantially cut the federal aid that the government gives to low-income students. Continue reading

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Vote Yes on Proposition 30: Jerry Brown’s Budget Plan

Proposition 30 is the most important proposition on the ballot this year. Continue reading

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Cultural Differences Between Republicans and Democrats

The conventions show what the parties are like. They show the soul of the parties. Continue reading

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