Mitt Romney: Bad For At Least One Business (Bain & Company)

Whilst browsing through my e-mail list, I recently read an extremely interesting e-mail.

You see, apparently Bain & Company is recruiting at my college. The e-mail contained all the typical things that a college recruiter does: the date of an information session, the deadline for the application, etc.

The name Bain will instantly bring up the name Mitt Romney and his adventures at Bain Capital. Bain Capital, of course, is the famous company where Mitt Romney made a fortune by firing workers at manufacturing companies.

It’s quite strange to see Bain as just another company trying to recruit college graduates. We’ve all been so accustomed to seeing Bain linked with Mitt Romney that it’s very weird to talk about it without mentioning the Republican presidential nominee.

One wonders what effect the 2012 presidential campaign has had on Bain. The company is probably having a lot of trouble recruiting. It loses half the country (or 47%) instantly due to the link with Romney. Moreover, college graduates are generally a pretty liberal bunch. They’re probably quite a few very accomplished Obama voters who took one look at the name Bain and turned their sights to other companies. There are probably also not a few potential Democratic-voting clients who decided not to employ Bain due to its Romney link.

In fact, Bain & Company is a different company from Bain Capital the consulting firm which Romney worked at. But most people won’t notice that difference. So somebody at Bain is almost certainly contemplating a name change right now.

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