The Need For Gun Control

Today twenty schoolchildren were killed in Connecticut by a madman with a Sig Sauer and a Glock.

It seems that these types of shootings are becoming more and more frequent. On Tuesday two people were killed with an AR-15 Rifle in an Oregon mall. Last August two people were killed in the Empire State Building by a man armed with .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol that held seven rounds. In the same month and several weeks before, seven people were killed in Wisconsin by another angry man armed with a gun. In July twelve people were killed with a man armed with a 12-gauge Remington 870 Express Tactical while watching the movie The Dark Knight Rises.

There are other, more famous incidents of mass shootings. Last year Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords was shot by another deranged gunman holding a 9mm Glock model 19 pistol. There is the famous 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, which killed 32 college students, with a Glock 19 and Walther P22. And then there is the shooting that started them all, the Columbine Massacre in 1999 which killed 15 people.

The Republicans have won the war on gun control. No Democrat dares talk about taking away America’s guns anymore. Bans on semi-automatic weapons have ended without any action taken to renew them. Meanwhile it seems that more and more people are being shot in killings in America. The two are not unconnected.

There will always be crazy people, as the gun lobby rightfully points out. Indeed, in China today one such crazy man attacked a school armed with a knife and stabbed 22 children, injuring them severely.

Wait, injured? Nobody died?

Yep, because in China guns are illegal. Only a very few people, such as soldiers, are allowed to own guns. So when a crazy guy in China attacks children, he uses a knife instead of a gun. And generally, nobody dies.

When a crazy guy in America attacks children, he uses a gun. And generally, the children die.

That’s the difference between America and China.

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3 Responses to The Need For Gun Control

  1. Brad says:

    Here are some facts.

    In the last twenty years, the number of murders (and murders with guns) have been dropping despite the flood of additional firearms during that time. Americans today have never been so heavily armed, yet the crime rate has dropped to levels last seen during the early 1960’s.

    Mass killings, and killings at a school setting are nothing new. It did not begin with Columbine in 1999. For example, there was the Stockton incident in 1989. There was the Austin incident in 1966, the so-called Texas Tower shootings.

  2. forlibertysake says:

    I appreciate your insight on such a tough/touchy subject. I do have a different outlook as a former soldier, but I still appreciate your work.

    I would greatly appreciate your feedback!

    Best wishes on the Blogsphere!

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