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When Immigration Is A Mistake

Immigration is an issue that affects numerous people throughout the world. People immigrate to new countries in order to improve their lives. Sometimes their lives do improve. Sometimes they don’t. One example of a country created by immigration is Argentina. … Continue reading

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A Fascinating Study on Mexican Immigrants Who Can’t Speak Spanish

What happens when Mexican immigrants can’t speak Spanish? Continue reading

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Why Do So Few Americans Immigrate to Australia?

In the minds of most Americans, Australia is a great place. The land down under has beautiful weather, a booming economy, and sights ranging from the Great Barrier Reef to kangaroos. What’s more, the culture and the language of Australia are as similar to the United States as any other country in the world, with the exception of perhaps Canada. What’s not to like about living in a country where everybody has cool accents?

Why, then, do so few Americans bother to immigrate to Australia? Continue reading

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The Obama administration has been remarkably indecisive on the subject of immigration. On the one hand, it talks a lot about its support for a bill legalizing undocumented immigrants. On the other hand, it has also deported more undocumented immigrants … Continue reading

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What’s Missing From the Health Care Bill

In the spring of 2010, President Barack Obama passed a momentous health care bill. Said bill dominated most of the political discourse during his first year; to date it constitutes one of the president’s most substantial achievements. In dealing with … Continue reading

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Univision’s Crusade on Immigration

Sometimes watching cable news is a tiring endeavor. Seeing the same people yelling, the same old political arguments, and the same accusations can be wearying. Indeed, nowadays there is not actually much news in a cable news show. Instead it … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two World Cup Teams

Algeria’s World Cup soccer team is a strange thing. Most of the players weren’t actually born in Algeria, and many of them don’t speak Arabic. In fact, an astonishing 17 of the 23 players on the Algerian squad were born … Continue reading

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