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Previewing the Florida Republican Primary

Florida is a very diverse state, much more so than any of the other states which have voted so far. Its population is large enough, and each part of the state different enough, that it could very easily be split into several different states with unique cultures.

Below are some thoughts the voting patterns of each part of Florida. Continue reading

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Analyzing the 2010 Midterm Elections – the Florida Gubernatorial Election

This is a part of a series of posts analyzing the 2010 midterm elections. This post will discuss the 2010 Florida gubernatorial election, which Republican candidate Rick Scott won in an extremely close contest. Florida’s Gubernatorial Election On November 2010, … Continue reading

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Tampa and the 2012 Republican National Convention

According to the Times, the Republican Party has just selected Tampa to host the 2012 Republican National Convention. Located in the vital swing state Florida, Republican intentions with this pick are fairly straightforward. Not all national conventions take place in … Continue reading

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Analyzing Obama’s Weak Spots – Part 2: The Northeast

This is the second part of three posts analyzing the congressional districts President Barack Obama underperformed in. It will focus on his relative weakness in the northeast. The third part can be found here. The Northeast In my previous post … Continue reading

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An Interesting E-Mail Response

I recently received an e-mail response to one of my posts analyzing the swing state Florida, which I had cross-posted on openleft. This person, a former field organizer in Broward County, took issue with my characterization of Senator Joe Lieberman … Continue reading

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