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Could Mike Huckabee Have Beat Mitt Romney?

The best case scenario: Huckabee pounds Romney in Iowa, runs a close second in New Hampshire, breaks 50% in South Carolina, and then Mitt Romney says that he doesn’t care about poor people. It’s an open question whether momentum for Huckabee would have started setting in at this point, but let’s say it does and Huckabee takes a double-digit national lead. Huckabee wins Florida and then Michigan at the end of February. On Super Tuesday, Romney’s final stand, Huckabee breaks 65% in the South and wins Ohio by double-digits. Romney drops out and endorses Huckabee. Continue reading

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A Commendation to Three Brave Republicans

Election season is coming up, and as if by magic little shoots of controversy are sprouting throughout the political landscape. One avenue of controversy has been with regards to the Fourteenth Amendment. Republican leaders, such as Senator Lindsey Graham, have … Continue reading

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Kudos to Mike Huckabee

I was recently shifting through old campaign videos on a whim, when I came upon this: This was in the midst of the Reverend Wright controversy, when Senator Barack Obama was taking heavy criticism for his association with a radical … Continue reading

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What’s Up With Mike Huckabee?

Conservatives love him, yet the Republican establishment can’t seem to stand the guy. And liberal bloggers are strangely drawn to the evangelical politician from Arkansas. The Huckabee Phenomenon Of all the motley crew that ran in the 2008 Republican primaries, … Continue reading

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