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How 2012 Helps Prospects for Reforming the Electoral College

The electoral college is one of the lingering undemocratic parts of American politics. Unlike almost every other country in the world, America elects its presidents not via the popular vote but rather via a strange system of “electoral votes” distributed … Continue reading

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Cultural Differences Between Republicans and Democrats

The conventions show what the parties are like. They show the soul of the parties. Continue reading

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How Rick Santorum Ended Up Getting 8% in Puerto Rico

All in all, as stated before, place any group under the right adversarial circumstances, and it will vote very strongly for one side and against another. Rick Santorum, with his English comments, put Puerto Ricans in a very adversarial circumstance. A few days later Puerto Rico gave his opponent ten times the number of votes Santorum won. Continue reading

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The Demographics of America’s Governors: Place of Birth

This post will look at the demographics of America’s governors by place of birth, as of March 2012. Continue reading

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Romney’s Shifting Iowa Coalition

Mitt Romney has famously been running for president for the past four years. He seems to be having more success this time; at the moment, Romney is the unquestioned frontrunner for the Republican nomination.
A previous post analyzed Romney’s voting coalition based off of exit polls. Given that Romney also ran for president in 2008, there are also a lot of exit polls which provide information of Romney’s coalition in 2008. Continue reading

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Looks Like Romney’s Set To Win?

So it looks like Mitt Romney is all set. His last serious opponent his crashing. Romney will almost certainly win New Hampshire. He will have the momentum of Iowa and New Hampshire heading into South Carolina, where he’s already posting leads. If Romney can win in the heartland of the South, where his popularity has always been lukewarm, then he’s probably the nominee. Continue reading

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Political Party and the Demographics of America’s Governors

Out of the twenty Democratic governors, eighteen are male and two are female. These are Governor Beverly Purdue of North Carolina and Governor Christine Gregoire of Washington.

Out of the twenty-nine Republican governors, twenty-five are male and four are female. Continue reading

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