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Feel free to contact me at any time, for any reason whatsoever, for items of importance or just to comment on posts. I promise that I will always get back to you.

My e-mail address is

A note: I suspect (but am not sure) that some e-mails may not be making it to the address. If you e-mailed me and haven’t gotten a reply, please put a comment here.

8 Responses to Contact Information

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m writing a paper for class, and I’d love to use one of your articles to help support my thesis. Can I have your full name–if you’re comfortable–to properly cite the article?


  2. Bondu Kowa says:

    I am writing a paper and would like to use some of the material you have posted. I would also like to use your name if you would feel comfortable of my doing that. Please let me know as I will be using the website at any rate. Thanks for this information as it really helped me to see more clearly what the racial demographaics are..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good stuff. Very surprised you’re ‘just’ a student. Please put tweet buttons on articles so people can easily share your writing. Trying shorten url while we speak.

  4. Robert Alexander Dumas says:

    No comment just want to be added to your update list.

  5. Trav Robertson says:

    I have been extremely impressed by the amount of data you have presented. Please forgive my ignorance and my question is not meant to be offensive in any manner. However, what background do you have regarding politics, especially in analyzing results in SC, that makes your data/website something that should be used while discussing the recent elections?

    • inoljt says:

      I’m just a blogger ,with some knowledge of statistics and mapmaking, who’s interested in politics. 🙂

      If you think my posts have merit, use them. If you don’t, use something else; I definitely won’t be offended.

      As for South Carolina, I don’t mean to specifically pick on it – indeed, my most recent post on the state will probably be the last in a long time. Sometimes, when I research for a post, I find something interesting that merits another post or two about it (which is what happened with South Carolina). I once did several posts on eastern European elections, and several on the World Cup.

  6. jerry lane says:

    soccer sucks big time. i support obama but soccer is anti american drivel. i think most republicans are idiots. but most are 100% right about soccer. if a player ever scores they should have a national day of “wow we actually scored”. soccer is a stupid sport.

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