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Three Important Moments in America’s Economic History (in Pictures)

The previous post looked at the economic history of the United States over the past two centuries. In that post, what stood out most was the fact that the economy of the United States has always been one of the … Continue reading

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The Need For Gun Control

Today twenty schoolchildren were killed in Connecticut by a madman with a Sig Sauer and a Glock. It seems that these types of shootings are becoming more and more frequent. On Tuesday two people were killed with an AR-15 Rifle … Continue reading

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Cultural Differences Between Republicans and Democrats

The conventions show what the parties are like. They show the soul of the parties. Continue reading

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Things the United States Makes

Why, then, do so many Americans think that nothing is made in America anymore? Well, the answer is that America tends not to make that many consumer goods that people buy every day. Rather, it makes things like cars, commercial airplanes, heavy construction equipment, and tanks. But if you ever decide to buy some heavy industrial equipment for your house, it’s probably going to be American. Continue reading

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Brazil and America

An especially interesting episode is titled Brazil: A Racial Paradise? Professor Gates explores the experience of “blacks” in Brazil, a country with the largest population of African descent outside of Brazil. Continue reading

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