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How North Korea Fell Behind South Korea, Part 2

It seems that there were three main events that caused North Korea’s economic decline: juche, the end of Soviet aid, and the incompetence of Kim Jong-Il. Continue reading

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How North Korea Fell Behind South Korea, Part 1

The story of the two Koreas is a common American tale amongst the educated classes. Continue reading

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What Flags Do Russia’s Protesters Use?

Russia has recently had a number of protests against President Vladimir Putin. The protests constitute a challenge of urban Russians against Putin’s rule.

If you’ve ever seen pictures of these protests, one interesting thing stands out. This is the fact that the protesters don’t wave Russia’s national flag. Instead, they always wave different flags: Continue reading

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Why Don’t Hmong-Americans Vote Republican?

Perhaps no group in America has suffered more from Communism than the Hmong community. Continue reading

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Why Don’t Chinese-Americans Vote Republican?

There are a lot of Chinese-Americans in the United States. Many of them constitute immigrants who suffered tremendously under communism, through the Great Leap Forward and then the Cultural Revolution.

Yet Chinese-Americans are also a highly, highly Democratic constituency. Continue reading

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