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How North Korea Fell Behind South Korea, Part 2

It seems that there were three main events that caused North Korea’s economic decline: juche, the end of Soviet aid, and the incompetence of Kim Jong-Il. Continue reading

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How North Korea Fell Behind South Korea, Part 1

The story of the two Koreas is a common American tale amongst the educated classes. Continue reading

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Europe Hasn’t Been Much In the News Lately…

They say that no news is the best news.

There was a lot of news in 2011 about Europe. Continue reading

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A Fascinating Graphic: Comparing Chinese Provinces With Countries

Several months ago The Economist released a fascinating graphic on China, titled “Comparing Chinese Provinces With Countries.” As the title implies, this graphic compares each of China’s provinces with different countries. The comparisons are GDP, GDP per person, population, and exports. There are a number of interesting things that the graphic shows. Continue reading

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A Fascinating Map, and What It Says About Germany

One of the most interesting maps to have come out recently is this one: This is a map of Facebook connections as of December 2010. There are a lot of things which this map says, and it is quite interesting … Continue reading

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A Good Decade for Africa

Yet despite the news in Cote’ d Ivoire, Africa hasn’t been doing too shabby in the 21st century. The past decade constituted a comparatively good one for Africa. Continue reading

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Hugo Ch├ívez’s Failure to Help the Poor

The Economist, Great Britain’s magazine for the American elite, recently published a special report on Latin America. While the magazine noted the continuing challenges facing Latin America, it also perceived that Latin America has made great strides in the past … Continue reading

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