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How The News You Read About Africa Gets Made

While scouring the news around the world, I recently came across a fascinating article. Written by Laura Seay of Foreign Affairs, it criticizes the West’s media coverage of Africa. Continue reading

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A Fascinating Graphic: Comparing Chinese Provinces With Countries

Several months ago The Economist released a fascinating graphic on China, titled “Comparing Chinese Provinces With Countries.” As the title implies, this graphic compares each of China’s provinces with different countries. The comparisons are GDP, GDP per person, population, and exports. There are a number of interesting things that the graphic shows. Continue reading

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A Russian Perspective on the Russian-Georgian War

This article, by Mikhail Barabanov of the Moscow Defense Brief, provides a fascinatingly perspective. It is from the Russian point-of-view, specifically a military one. Continue reading

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Mexican Immigrants and the 2012 Mexican Presidential Election

Like the United States, Mexico will have a presidential election in 2012. There are a lot of Mexican citizens in the United States (whether documented or undocumented). What if they voted? Continue reading

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Yemen Next?

This week’s coverage of the news has been dominated by events in Egypt, where protesters continue to demand the end of President Hosni Mubarak’s autocratic government. Events in the country (and in Tunisia as well) continue to unravel in a … Continue reading

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