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A New American Ally: Libya?

Libya has for decades been grouped together with countries generally thought of as enemies of America. People have thought of Libya in conjunction with Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Syria, etc. But now, with Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s rule at a clear end, Libya could possibly turn into the strongest friend America has amongst the entire Arab world. Continue reading

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Misunderstanding the “Osama” Bounce

The conventional wisdom is that Mr. Obama enjoyed a brief “Osama bounce” in polling. Now, with yet more bad economic news, Mr. Obama’s Osama bounce has faded. This is a complete misunderstanding of what the killing of Osama bin Laden actually means for the president. Continue reading

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Observing the White House’s Improving Diplomacy

When Senator Barack Obama ran for president of the United States, a major critique of him was his relative inexperience. The argument went that Mr. Obama just didn’t have enough time under his belt to govern the country, and it … Continue reading

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America’s Inadequate Response to the Revolution in Kyrgyzstan

On April 7, 2010 the people of Kyrgyzstan, a far-away country straining under an increasingly oppressive president, liberated themselves. In a revolution recalling those of 1989, protests unexpectedly toppled the authoritarian government. The opposition quickly took control, promising free and … Continue reading

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The Importance (Or Lack Thereof) of State of the Union Addresses

President Barack Obama gave a solid speech last night, carefully explaining his policies and proposing new plans for helping the middle class. The trouble is that nobody will remember it in a month. Presidential speeches come in two types: those … Continue reading

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