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Reforming the U.N. Security Council?

The United States has permanent membership in the Security Council along with the China, France, Russia, and United Kingdom. Each of these countries may veto any resolution they desire to. There have been occasional calls to reform the Security Council. … Continue reading

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A Fascinating Map, and What It Says About Germany

One of the most interesting maps to have come out recently is this one: This is a map of Facebook connections as of December 2010. There are a lot of things which this map says, and it is quite interesting … Continue reading

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What’s Up With Germany?

Germany is a power on the rise. Unlike much of the Western world, the country’s economy is humming along as if the Great Recession had never even happened. Continue reading

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Hitler the Politician

    In modern society the name Adolf Hitler is synonymous for evil. As the perpetrator of the greatest crime of this century and its most destructive war, Mr. Hitler well deserves this reputation. Yet too often in speaking of … Continue reading

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