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What’s Missing From the Health Care Bill

In the spring of 2010, President Barack Obama passed a momentous health care bill. Said bill dominated most of the political discourse during his first year; to date it constitutes one of the president’s most substantial achievements. In dealing with … Continue reading

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The Night Health Care Passed: Strange Happenings at Fox and MSNBC

Yesterday evening, as a long-debated health care bill passed through Congress, something quite strange was happening on the websites of two eminent news organizations. Here was Fox News, Sunday night (click on the image for a better look): Fox News, … Continue reading

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Before Obama Signs the Health Care Bill…

Dear Mr. President: Congratulations – two days ago the Senate passed a comprehensive health care bill, achieving a long-sought liberal initiative regarding a system that badly needs reform. Unless something extremely unexpected occurs, it will soon be on your desk, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Obama’s Speech

I did not get the chance to watch Obama’s speech live, but I’ve just Youtubed it. Here are my thoughts on it, as it progresses. 1:00 – I really liked his introduction, focusing on the economy and keeping American jobs. … Continue reading

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Socialist Health Care

Some of the Obama’s more incoherent detractors have labeled his health care plan as “socialized medicine.” It is assumed, naturally, that socialism is Bad (with a big B). While socialism may be less effective in many industries and fields (just … Continue reading

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On One Health Care “Myth”

Republicans have attacked Obama’s health care plan for, amongst other things, creating “death panels.” Democrats, predictably, have responded by calling this a ridiculous scare tactic, something that of course will never happen. The problem is, however, that the fundamental concept … Continue reading

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Obama’s Top Priorities

Below is a list of what, in my view, the most important to-dos on the president’s lengthy to-do list are. Of course I could be a smart aleck and just put – 1. THE ECONOMY 2. THE ECONOMY 3. THE … Continue reading

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