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A Reflection On Media Coverage Of Japan

Coverage of Japan has been generally quite positive. Indeed, sometimes the tone of media coverage has verged upon awe. If a nation with as much technological prowess as Japan was so badly damaged by the tsunami, a reporter might write, what would a similar event do to the United States? The implication is that Japan’s technology is just plain better than America’s. Continue reading

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A Fast News Week

What an amazing week it has been. What happened this week? Tuesday was election day, hunting season for political pundits. On Wednesday the Yankees won the World Series. The Fort Bend Hood shootings occurred on Thursday. On Friday, the unemployment … Continue reading

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An Interesting Media Convention

Here is one of Rush Limbaugh’s critiques of Barack Obama: We have 9.8% unemployment.  Administration officials say three to four months more of this, maybe, and then we’re gonna start seeing jobs added.  I thought Obama had saved 23 million … Continue reading

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How Do China and Russia Think of Iran?

The United States media often – and for good reason – portrays China and Russia as reluctant to implement sanctions on Iran. Rarely (too rarely), however, does it attempt to view the issue through a Chinese or Russian lens. Americans … Continue reading

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A Major Achievement

A few days ago the House of Representatives passed the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, a meaningful reform of the way student loans are dealt with. In my mind, this bill constitutes one of the Obama administration’s most important … Continue reading

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Media Coverage of Israel

In the past few months and years, media coverage of Israel has had subtle but distinct change in tone. The mainstream media is taking a harder look at Israel’s policies, and has found not everything is to its liking. There … Continue reading

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