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Military Spending Doesn’t Equal Military Strength

Military spending does do a lot of useful things. It helps the technology that a country’s soldiers have, for instance. But military spending provides no guarantee about the quality of those soldiers. It couldn’t make enlisted peasants able to resist Mongolian horse-archers. It couldn’t make the American elite willing to send their sons to die in Vietnam. That’s a lesson that many people would prefer to ignore. Continue reading

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Assessing Republican Seriousness on the National Debt

Yesterday Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin made the Republican response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. Mr. Ryan’s speech focused heavily on the national debt, which he declared as a one of his “greatest concerns as a … Continue reading

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Iraq: It’s Not Getting Better

Since the end of July, there have been two massive bombings in Iraq. On July 31st, 29 were killed when a several bombs exploded outside Shiite mosques. On Friday, a truck bomb in another Shiite mosque detonated, killing another 37. … Continue reading

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