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Media Sites Really Ought to Update Their Election Results

As millions (or tens of millions) of votes are counted, the media organizations show Obama and Romney’s numbers remaining millions of votes below where they actually are. Continue reading

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A Textbook Example of Media Embellishment

For some strange reason, the American media has always been obsessed with Twitter and Facebook. This applies to foreign affairs as well. In the context of the events occurring in the Middle East, the Western media loves to argue that Twitter and Facebook constitute catalysts for revolution in the modern era. Indeed, some articles called the 2009 Iranian protests the “Twitter Revolution.” Continue reading

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Democrats Should Stop Calling White Southerners Racists

It’s a fairly popular amongst Democrats to label white Southerners prejudiced and narrow-minded nowadays. Several days after President Barack Obama was elected, for example, the New York Times penned a thinly camouflaged article implying that white Southerners are racists. The … Continue reading

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