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Romney’s Shifting South Carolina Coalition

This is part of a series of posts analyzing how Mitt Romney’s 2012 coalition has changed from his 2008 coalition. Hopefully such analysis will provide clues as to Romney’s performance in the general election. This post will examine South Carolina, where Romney came in second to Newt Gingrich. Continue reading

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Previewing the Florida Republican Primary

Florida is a very diverse state, much more so than any of the other states which have voted so far. Its population is large enough, and each part of the state different enough, that it could very easily be split into several different states with unique cultures.

Below are some thoughts the voting patterns of each part of Florida. Continue reading

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Looks Like Romney’s Set To Win?

So it looks like Mitt Romney is all set. His last serious opponent his crashing. Romney will almost certainly win New Hampshire. He will have the momentum of Iowa and New Hampshire heading into South Carolina, where he’s already posting leads. If Romney can win in the heartland of the South, where his popularity has always been lukewarm, then he’s probably the nominee. Continue reading

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