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Two Lies the Obama Administration Should Have Told After Osama Bin Laden’s Death

The Obama administration will be remembered in history as the one that brought Osama bin Laden to justice. Its handling of the situation was practically flawless.

Nevertheless, there are two things in which the government erred slightly. With respect to these two matters, the Obama administration’s mistake was to tell the truth. In this cases, it would have been better for the United States if the government had told lies. Continue reading

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Misunderstanding the “Osama” Bounce

The conventional wisdom is that Mr. Obama enjoyed a brief “Osama bounce” in polling. Now, with yet more bad economic news, Mr. Obama’s Osama bounce has faded. This is a complete misunderstanding of what the killing of Osama bin Laden actually means for the president. Continue reading

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Reflections on the Death of Osama Bin Laden

Like many Americans, I remember exactly when I heard about the World Trade Center attacks: in the car, with my father driving me to school. The radio turned on, and somebody started talking about attacks on a “World Trade Center.” … Continue reading

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