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Why Joe Biden Will Probably Win the Vice Presidential Debate

On Thursday the Vice Presidential debate will occur, testing Vice President Joe Biden versus Republican hopeful Paul Ryan.

Joe Biden will probably win that debate. Continue reading

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Paul Ryan’s Cuts to Student Aid

One of the almost unnoticed aspects of Ryan’s budget is what it would do to federal student aid. This New Republic article, which has also gone almost unnoticed, goes into it.

According to Perry Stein, Ryan would substantially cut the federal aid that the government gives to low-income students. Continue reading

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A Strange Day to Nominate Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney has just nominated Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his vice presidential candidate. Continue reading

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Why Republicans Aren’t Serious About Reducing the Deficit

Republicans talk a good game about why the United States must reduce its debt. Continue reading

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Assessing Republican Seriousness on the National Debt

Yesterday Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin made the Republican response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. Mr. Ryan’s speech focused heavily on the national debt, which he declared as a one of his “greatest concerns as a … Continue reading

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