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Analyzing Ukrainian Elections, Part 2

This is the second part of two posts analyzing Ukrainian elections. This second part will focus upon many factors that lead to Ukraine’s exceptional regional polarization. The first part can be found here. Two Ukraines Modern Ukraine is a strange … Continue reading

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Analyzing Ukrainian Elections, Part 1

This is the first part of two posts analyzing Ukrainian elections. This first part will focus upon the 2004 presidential election, which showed a remarkable degree of regional polarization. The second part can be found here. The 2004 Presidential Election, … Continue reading

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Polarization: Past and Present

A number of commentators have lamented increasing polarization in Washington. Conventional wisdom has it that America is as divided and partisan as it ever has been. Sectional divisions are tearing this country apart and preventing problems such as the deficit … Continue reading

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Five Things President George W. Bush Did Right

I recently conversed with a Democratic friend of mine – an intelligent, very politically active person. This person had a deep familiarity with politics; she knew the political events of the past few years like the back of her hand. … Continue reading

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Electoral Polarization

In my previous post, I noted that almost all the counties President Barack Obama won have become more Democratic since 1992, while almost all the counties Senator John McCain won have become more Republican since 1992. In fact, comparing maps … Continue reading

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A Map of Afghanistan’s Election

The New York Times posted a very interesting map of Afghanistan’s recent election. Before continuing, I must note that my purpose is not to question whether irregularities or fraud might have denied Abdullah Abdullah victory; I am simply analyzing the … Continue reading

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