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A Note to Readers

Over the next few weeks, updates to this blog will be sporadic or – more probably – absent. The blog’s author will be traveling abroad, and access to the Internet will be nonexistent. Nevertheless, there are still a number of … Continue reading

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The White Female Vote in 2008

What if only white females voted in the 2008 presidential election? This is the type of question social scientists and individuals like me love to explore, and which everybody else presumably finds quite boring. More fascinating still, there is actually … Continue reading

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The Meaning of PA-12

On Tuesday night Pennsylvania’s 12th congressional district held a special election, pitting Democratic candidate Mark Critz against Republican Tim Burns. Mr. Critz won solidly: a nine percent margin of victory off 53.4% of the vote. Several polls had predicted a … Continue reading

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Time For Another Third-Party Run?

Presidential election results are often pictured through electoral college maps, a useful and simple tool. Looking at the competition of the two parties throughout time provides a quite interesting exercise. Certain states turn blue, then red, then blue again. Others … Continue reading

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Tampa and the 2012 Republican National Convention

According to the Times, the Republican Party has just selected Tampa to host the 2012 Republican National Convention. Located in the vital swing state Florida, Republican intentions with this pick are fairly straightforward. Not all national conventions take place in … Continue reading

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